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Wuchang rice appeared in the world geographical


since 2009, Heilongjiang province has become the first major province of grain production in China, with annual output of more than 200 million tons. Most of the grain varieties have organic certification, and are hot selling in foreign markets such as Japan and Southeast Asia.

According to the survey of the National Engineering Research Center of coarse cereals, the demand for coarse cereals in the international market is increasing now. Since 2000, the export of Chinese coarse cereals has been increasing every year. At the same time, as the high value products of agricultural products, the economic benefit is 2 to 5 times of the bulk grain.

Heilongjiang province is the world's three largest fertile black soil in cold area with one of the world recognized, due to climate reasons, in the first half of the land fallow state, coupled with the large temperature difference between summer and winter, plant diseases and insect pests and animal diseases, these conditions result in a higher nutritional value of crops. In addition, Heilongjiang province is one of the main areas of dry farming, and the grain is the most suitable variety in dry farming.

Statistics show that at present, there are more than 70 enterprises producing grains and grains exported to Heilongjiang Province, with an annual export volume of more than 30 million tons, mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Arabia and Southeast Asia. A brand of red bean, kidney bean and other cereals cereals products represented by the organic certification, the EU and Japan Chinese certification JAS certification of organic agricultural products etc..

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